Preparing for your lipogems procedure:

What do I need to bring?

If a support garment has been recommended by your physician, ensure this fits and is clean and ready to wear after the procedure. A support garment can help to minimise the bruising and any discomfort after the fat harvesting procedure or may be required to support joints for a short while.

How much fat is taken and where from?

Only a small amount of fat needs to be removed for the Lipogems procedure so the cannula and syringes used for the procedure are on a much smaller scale than traditional surgical liposuction. The fat is usually taken from either the stomach or thighs at the discretion of your physician but will be discussed with you prior to the procedure. It is not a body modelling procedure and little or no difference will be seen after the harvest.

How is the fat harvesting done?

It involves injecting medicated solution into the areas before the fat is removed. The fluid is usually a mixture of local anaesthetic (lignocaine), a drug that contracts the blood vessels (adrenaline), and a saline solution. The lignocaine in the mixture helps to numb the area during and after surgery, and may be the only anaesthesia needed for the procedure. The adrenaline in the solution helps reduce the amount of bruising and swelling. The solution helps remove the fat more easily and it is suctioned out along with the fat to be filtered by the Lipogems system.

What is the recommended wound care after the procedure?

The hole that the cannula makes to harvest the fat is very small and doesn’t need to be stitched. The physician will apply an absorbent dressing pad and compression tape to the area. Expect clear fluid to drain from the site for even a few days as the excess saline around the fat tissue takes the easiest way out before it is fully reabsorbed within 5 – 7 days.

When should I seek attention for my wound?

If the harvesting site or any of the Lipogems injection sites appears red, painful, has excessive or white discharge, contact your clinic for advice.

After your lipogems procedure:

How should I care for my fat harvesting site?

Change the dressing pad if wet through and reapply an absorbent, clean dressing. There can be drainage from the harvesting site for up to 5 days but this most commonly stops within 24 hours. This is just the blood-tinged saline injected at the time of the procedure to help harvest the fat. You can remove your dressing pads and shower as usual. Dry with a towel and reapply a clean dressing pad if the site is still oozing. If there is no discharge from the puncture site, it can be left open to dry. If you have been recommended a compression garment, wear this for 3 weeks after the procedure as much as possible but especially when upright and active.

How should I care for my injection site/s?

One of the benefits of the Lipogems procedure is the natural anti-inflammatory properties and the small size of the molecules of fat and cells that are injected. This means there is only a small needle puncture after Lipogems at the injection site/s and infection or even inflammation is very rare. Even after injection of Lipogems to the face, you can expect very little evidence of the procedure afterwards in terms of redness or swelling.

When can I return to full activities?

The fat harvesting site can have some swelling and bleeding or bruising after the procedure. The restriction on your activities will depend on how much was harvested and from what area. A safe guide would be to restrict heavy lifting or vigorous activities for 3 weeks or as advised by your physician.

Lipogems for aesthetic improvement and regeneration:

It is recommended to limit activity for the first 12 hours post your procedure or as advised by your physician but always follow the advice of your physician.

Lipogems for wound management:

A regular wound care dressing still needs to be maintained and monitored. Signs of infection are increased redness, heat, swelling, discharge or pain. If you are experiencing any adverse symptoms, please consult your physician.

What are the benefits of the lipogems procedure?

It is all done in one clinic visit:

The Lipogems System is designed to prepare the fat tissue that is harvested at the time of the procedure and have it injected back to where it is needed in a few minutes. The complete procedure can take up to 2 hours but depends on what area you are having treated and the amount of fat harvesting required.

The after effects can start immediately:

In the case of plastic or aesthetic injections, the increase of subcutaneous fat to the injected area plumps out the skin and makes positive aesthetic changes right from the first injection. The tissue structure maintained in the injected fat then activates the surrounding cells to repair and regenerate for long term results.

No additional injected components:

The harvested tissue injected back into the treatment site has no additives or extra enzymes that the body has to process. It is a completely natural closed system that uniquely protects the vascular structures and tissue containing the regenerative cells allowing for formation of new structures.