I have been utilizing a micro-needling device over the last two years. Recently I was able to try the new tip with the scalloped edge. Wow! Words cannot express how happy I was with the new tip. The scalloped tip glides easily over the skin with no dragging or catching. I also was able to use less HA serum as the product does not get pushed around the skin. This tip by far exceeds my expectations! With this new improved tip the treatment is much more enjoyable for the patient!

Trina Nesselrotte

I have been using dermal needling instruments for many years in our very successful boutique practice in Woollahra. This is the most beautifully designed solid state piece of machinery. The needles just glide over the skin with minimal discomfort and less downtimethan anything I have used before. We have now purchased a 2nd handpiece due to the high demand for this fabulous treatment

Sally Lomax, RnCosmetic Injector Cosmedical Clinic