The Procedure


Saline containing adrenaline and lidocaine is injected in the subcutaneus adipose tissue with specific disposable cannula (20g).


ILiposuction is performed by a special cannula (13g) connected to a vacloc syringe.

Step 1

Connect the hose of blue filter to the bag of saline. Rotating the cylinder with the grey filter upwards. Open both hoses. Fill the cylinder of saline holding it vertically, once fully close both hoses.

Step 2

Replace the cylinder with the blue filter upwards. Close the blue filter hose and open the grey filter hose. Connect the syringe with liposuction to the blue filter. Insert the adipose tissue aspirated in the processing cylinder through the blue filter.

Step 3

Open both hoses to allow continuous flow of saline and the elimination of oily and bloody residual. Adipose tissue introduced into the processing cylinder is shaken, the action of the steel spheres emulsifies and microfracture further the adipose tissue. When the saline in the cylinder is clear stop the shake it and close both hoses.

Step 4

Connect two luerlock syringes to two filters in order to allow removal of product Lipogems®®. Flip the processing cylinder with the grey filter at the top. Open the blue filter hose. Through the syringe connect to the blue filter draw a full syringe of saline. Close the blue filter hose.

Step 5

Hold the cylinder vertically with the grey filter in high, acting on the syringe connected to the blue filter push the saline into the cylinder, if it be so the Lipogems®® product will flow through the grey filter into the syringe connected to it. AT THIS STAGE THE Lipogems®® PRODUCT IS READY TO BE USED.